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Yi Jin Jing | Neigong Exercises with Dr. Yurasek

Physical - $35.00 | Digital Copy - $30.00

Muscle and Tendon Transforming Exercises In 1998, during my first internship and the Guang Zhao University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Dr. Peng taught me these exercises in the Hospital Gardens in the early morning light.

These 12 simple postures, taking only 20 t0 30 minutes to perform, have been my faithful early morning companion ever since then, traveling with me around the country, and the world. Most sports and repetitive motion injuries are tendon and ligament tears, strains, and sprains, where the muscles attach to and support the joints. By performing these unique isometric poses, and paying attention to the clues hidden in the names of each, one can gain the strength and flexibility achieved by the ancient Shaolin Warriors who first developed them.

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