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Frank left a 22-year career in marketing in 1985 to begin the study and practice of Eastern Medicine after his wife experienced miraculous pain relief following her first acupuncture treatment. Beginning with a preceptership in acupuncture and tui na with Yin Lin Hand, TCM for 18 months, Frank then continued on at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, where he received a MS in Oriental Medicine, and his PhD in 2002. He was also a Professor of Tui Na there, and a clinic supervisor since 1996.

Frank has interned in China and Japan. Lectured and taught at schools and conferences throughout the United States.

Frank also has a Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine from The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, where he also teaches Tui Na and supervises Student Clinic. He is the first American inducted into the Japanese Oriental Medical Society and trained in Japanese Herbal Medicine as well as Western Herbs. He has also been studying and practicing Tai Qi and Qi Gong since 1985.


Training in Tokyo with Dr. Watanake
Coaching Boxing at Rebound Program for Juvenile Offenders.
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